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Narrative Assessment

Narrative Assessment is a new way to monitor, evaluate, and communicate about advocacy. It has come about because of a need that we have seen among civil society organizations doing advocacy work, as well as their donors. With Narrative Assessment, we want to help organizations to bring out what advocates really do, the challenges they face and address, and the meaning of their achievements. This can be helpful to bring teams and networks together and develop more shared understanding. It can help in communication between organizations and donors. In addition, it can help organizations to communicate with their audiences and support bases.

Photo: Arley Mardo/ENERGIA

Instructional videos

1. Getting a sense for the story

2. Helping to build a story

3. Helping to make the story plausible

4. Distilling stories from narrative interviews

The Manual

In the manual, we tell what Narrative Assessment is and what it can be used for. It also charts the different steps involved with Narrative Assessment and offers practical advice on how to carry out a Narrative Assessment.

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